Big Update

Well is has been some time since I have written anything. Life got a little busy that last few. But with many sleepless nights, and endless days of work, I hope it will pay off.

My Word Radio – Ok I know I really should be doing that, but since it does take so long to do I just haven’t been able to fit it into my schedule.

Pictures – Ok I have been taking a lot of picture of late, they are all in my gallery, so check them out.

So what have I been doing? Well two weeks ago Josh and myself went skiing at Sunshine (got to use our passes sometimes you know) Even though we had absolutely no money and had to pay the park entrance with pocket change we were able to scrounge up. But it was a beautiful day, not too cold at the peak and not too warm at the base. But I had the brilliant idea that going into the back country would be fun. Well it was and hurt like you wouldn’t believe. After hiking for an hour through snow at time that our poles couldn’t even touch ground, and the fact that I weigh more than twice what Josh does, meant I spent digging myself each step, Sinking good thing my backpack has ski holders. But the fun started when we had to get out of the back country. Now remember we are above the tree line at this point Tree Line , the air is thin, we are walking on a unsafe snow pack, ignoring the avalanche warning at the fence we past an hour earlier, we now have to find our way out. We see two snowboarders who had been jumping some rocks, they tell else that we just have to follow the creek out. Well that wasn’t as easy as it sounds, snow past our waist, and even with skis on you still sink 2 feet down. We make it back below the tree line and start following what we believe to be a frozen creek. Josh gets ahead of me and disappears, last thing I hear him say is don’t go left, and of course it was too late and that point. I now have two options in front of me, take of my skis and climb back up and go right or option two (I took this option OOPS) go over the supposed frozen waterfall. Well let me tell you that damn thing wasn’t frozen, as I went over the ledge, my back skis go through the ice and I fall through the waterfall. Damn did that hurt. Twisted my knee which at the time wasn’t bothering me, what was bothering me what the water that was now flowing out of the damn waterfall. So I get back up and ski my way out, this is when I realize that I have done some major damage to my right knew, cause I am not able to make left turns. And of course there has to be a damn fallen tree in my path that somehow I have to get over without killing myself, well I killed myself, I slipped and landed on my back faces the damn tree. (only if I had a match it was going up) But I did make my way out and still had enough energy to go up one more time and play in the powder on the peak (ahhhhh powder, only a true skier can love powder). Well to end this story, I was on crutches for a few days, until my I woke up one morning and my knee could move again.

Ok next. Well the Three Days Grace TDG and Velvet Revolver VR concert was last Monday, and I can tell you it kicked ass. Three Days Grave live is so much better, though the crowd seemed not to be into them much. But Kelly and I were rocking away. Kyla and Sonya just seem to enjoy it not too excited. But When VR came on, damn do those guys rock. If you all are in the Stone Age, VR (Velvet Revolver) is made up of the band from Guns & Roses, and the lead singer of Stone Temple Pilots. And I don’t have to tell you how hard those guys can rock ROCK; I couldn’t hear a damn thing for 3 days afterwards. So if you have the chance to see either Three Days Grace or Velvet Revolver, TAKE IT!

Now on to the latest news. Yesterday Kyla, Josh and Myself went up to Banff, Kyla and I had a meeting with a potential client/investor for our brain child ClearGate Communications, Josh was there because he is a nice guy and drove us up there and I keep him around because he is great in those kind of situations. But I forgot to say that this meeting was at 7:30 in the morning, Calgary is an hour and a half away. So we left my place at quarter to 5 in the morning, we got there a little early so we though some fresh air would be good so we went to Bow Falls Bow Falls these falls are normally roaring and you cannot hear yourself think, but its winter and they are calm as a kitten. This was only Kyla’s second time in Banff so I tried to take a lot of photos of her Kyla though that pissed her off. Our meeting went well though we had to condense our 3 hour presentation into 30 minutes because the minister of agriculture was there and our contact forgot he would be in much trouble if he didn’t go to that breakfast. But we got most of it out, enough that they want to talk to us again. Remember we are talking multi millions here. (I need money) After the meeting we found out we didn’t have to rush back to Calgary to get Kyla back to her real job, so we decided to mess around in Banff and Canmore.

Lake Minnewanka Lake Minnewanka

Two Jack Lake Two Jack

Kyla smiling at Two Jack Kyla @ Two Jack Does she look cold? but of course she looks good.

Kyla sleeping Kyla Sleeping We didn’t get much sleep the last few days, so sleep is good. She is going to kill me when she sees I posted this.

View from Spray Lakes into Canmore Spray Lakes View

Ok I am done for this long update, I really should write more often for I do not have to do this. But if you want to see full size pictures just go to my galleries.

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