Benchmarked My Laptop

Some people at school asked me to benchmark my system for they can see if it is worth the price.

Score: 6659

Here the details:

*** Only noticed after benchmark that system was not running at optimal speed. CPU should be 1300MHz and FSB should be 166MHz. But the Pentium M will only use enough power to perform the task.***

Benchmarked using 3DMark2001 SE Build 330

System Configuration
Operating System Microsoft Windows XP
DirectX Version 9.0
Mobo Manufacturer Dell Computer Corporation
Mobo Model 08U077
AGP Rates (Current/Available) 4x / 1x 2x 4x
CPU Unknown 1018 MHz
FSB 133 MHz
Memory 768 MB
Graphics Chipset ATI MOBILITY RADEON 9000
Driver Name MOBILITY RADEON 9000
Driver Version
Video Memory 64 MB
Program Version 3DMark2001 SE
Resolution 1024×768 32bit
Texture Format Compressed
FSAA Disabled
Z-Buffer Depth 24bit
Frame Buffer Double
Rendering Pipeline D3D Pure Hardware T&L

Detailed Test Results
3DMark Score 6659 3D marks
Game 1 Car Chase – Low Detail 85.6 FPS
Game 1 Car Chase – High Detail 42.9 FPS
Game 2 Dragothic – Low Detail 99.9 FPS
Game 2 Dragothic – High Detail 54.2 FPS
Game 3 Lobby – Low Detail 109.3 FPS
Game 3 Lobby – High Detail 52.3 FPS
Game 4 Nature 36.2 FPS
Fill Rate (Single-Texturing) 552.3 MTexels/s
Fill Rate (Multi-Texturing) 872.7 MTexels/s
High Polygon Count (1 light) 17.3 MTriangels/s
High Polygon Count (8 lights) 4.0 MTriangels/s
Environment Bump Mapping 118.9 FPS
DOT3 Bump Mapping 77.4 FPS
Vertex Shader 62.0 FPS
Pixel Shader 96.1 FPS
Advanced Pixel Shader 72.3 FPS
Point Sprite 15.4 MSprites/s