Back To School

Well exam week is over, and now it back to regular schedule. About time I was getting tired of exams, so much silence and reading of questions. And I cant play games on my laptop during an exam. Well I’m just writing for the hell of it. Not much happened over the weekend. I played golf with my father, first time out this year. And Im not going to talk about scores cause we are both ashamed. But hey the course is owned by the City of Calgary, and is at the end of the main runway of the Airport, so every 5 minutes you have a 747 flying only a few hundred feet above your head. And there is more, in Calgary instead of having all sewage go to the sewage plant, all storm sewer waste is brought to lakes, guess where these lakes are. Thats right they are in golf courses. Its not bad when the wind is blowing but if you are in the wrong place it is not something you want to take a deep breath to. Besides that it is a nice course.

One thought on “Back To School

  1. Hackboy

    Mmmmm… sewage.. Why would they put them on golf courses, damn people in Alberta, they are suposed to go to Provinical parks!