Automated Phone Systems

Ok it is 6:30 in the morning and my Globe and Mail didn’t come, So I called it in to have it delivered. Well I have never had to push so many damn buttons. Push 1 this, enter area code for that, and so on. I know Automated phone systems are supposed to be lower cost and help the customer better. But weren’t they also an easy way to collect information for the operator that eventually you would talk to. Not with G&M, 5 minutes of pushing buttons, then it says Thank You your paper will be there as soon as possible. I guess the system works. But the ones I really hate, You answer the phone and you hear a computer voice say please stand by for the next operator. And you stop and think but I answered the phone. Then a another computer comes on and ask you for a bunch of information and you realize it is MBNA Canada calling, thats when I hang up, I do have a credit card with and it is in good standing. If they want to talk to me they will have to call me themselves, not have a computer call and tell me to wait.

One thought on “Automated Phone Systems

  1. Hackboy

    no no no, you got it all wrong. When someone like that phones you, you dont hang up. You give the phone to one of your family members. Then watch the look on their face as they realize who it is, funny shit.