Auto Update

So Microsoft is thinking about making Auto Update default for Windows XP Home and for Longhorn. Well I see their point that most users don’t keep their systems up to date, and this would fix so many problems. But what about updates that caue more problems than they fix. Remember W2K SP3 and SP4 they cause so many issues that most people wont run them. But hey if Microsoft can make Longhorn like they say they are, then there will be much less security problems.

Thats my two bits.

2 thoughts on “Auto Update

  1. Hackboy

    I sincerely hope that they leave it as an option to turn on or off. I personally wouldn’t want Windows Update downloading random “fixes” without my concent. Oh look a new version of Media Player is available NOW WITH SPYWARE!, Windows Update wouldn’t care, download it and install it? I don’t think I’d appreciate it much. I know they wouldnt install spyware, but seriously Media Player 9 had some stupid stuff in the EULA and I have yet to download it because of that.

  2. ReCk

    Ya th EULA was a little sketchy on what they mean by “Give microsoft the ability to download anything they want”