August 2morrow

I sit waitng for class and realize that i have lived in calgary for 7 months now. Wow only 2 1/2 years left till I move again, where to next, Im thinking ottowa or Toronto. But hey you never now I use make a very fast decision weeks before where im going to go. So I might end up in NWT you never know. Well I really should head to class.

Oh ya hackboy moved his site to his own server, so tried to crash the hell out of it.

Im out.

3 thoughts on “August 2morrow

  1. Hackboy

    My site is solid…. my site is sound…. its you who is crazy, thats right, i said it. CRAZY

  2. ReCk

    Ill show you crazy I have the password to your system… ya thats right i can take you down… hwo you like that

  3. name

    you dont have it anymore bitch… WEEEEEEEEEEE