22 where am I

So Saturday was my 22nd birthday, whoopee. Just one more digit on the age, what does it really matter? Well I ended with stuff even though I didn’t ask for it. So now i have a duvet, which should make for some interesting sleeping. But I got to say one of the best gifts was this plant my girl gave me. OK i know a plant, but shut up plants are cool. This thing is a Lucky Bean Plant, and I did some reading up on it, if I were to let it mature it would grow to 150 feet tall, and gets flowers that are up to 15 cm big, but the weirdest thing is the size of the seeds its produces. One pod can get up to 30 cm long 5 cm wide and weigh close to a pound. That’s just one pod, this thing can get hundreds, and millions on a full grown tree.

So my 22nd birthday went like every other except for the fact there was no skiing and for the first time in 22 years it hasn’t snowed on my birthday, which kind of got me feeling a little weird it just doesn’t seem right that there was no snow. I don’t know if I will be able to get over this.

Well I really should get back to my homework. Damn homework.

18 thoughts on “22 where am I

  1. Hackboy

    Happy birthday. 22, you old fart.
    Douvets kick mega ass, you could sleep with your window open in the winter and it wouldn’t matter. That sounds like an interesting plant, I’m sure it takes years and years to get that big though. But if I know you you’ll forget about it and it’ll die within 3 months…

  2. ReCk

    I on orders to not let this thing die.

  3. Cabrinie

    If that things dies you are in serious trouble Mr. I’d like to know about this forget about things and they die bit, that doesn’t sound good, don’t make me take back that present too.

  4. Hackboy

    I wouldn’t read into it too much… It’s really meaningless. Just like the time he was at my place for two weeks watching my dog….. and he killed it…… explain your way out of that.

  5. Cabrinie

    YOU KILLED HIS DOG. You killed a poor, cute little dog that I am sure never did anything horribly wrong to you (like bit off your leg). You better have a dam good story for this. I can’t believe this dog killer.

  6. ReCk

    What he didnt mention was that the dog was actually his girlfriend and he paid me to help her down the stairs.

  7. Cabrinie

    Say what? Okay this is starting to get stupid here. The dog was his girlfriend, and you people were helping her down the stairs what the hell?

  8. Hackboy

    I TOLD YOU NEVER TO MENTION THAT EVER AGAIN! I’m going to jail….. I’m going to jail…. how could you. After I paid you $20 to take her out… how dare you.

  9. ReCk

    You will like jail.

  10. Cabrinie

    Okay this is disturbing, I honestly have nothin’ here. I am just shocked and such. Good grief you people need medical help, is this what writing code does to a person? Throwing people down the stairs indeed, seriously you took money for taking a girl out? Oh do I have words for that one let me tell you, I think you people do belong in cells – padded ones!

  11. Hackboy

    It wasn’t my fault she undercooked my steak. Something had to be done, she never cleaned either. What goes around, comes around.

  12. ReCk

    If they cannot perform the three C’s what good are they. Unless you love them then they can be forgiven for it.

  13. Cabrinie

    Oh my gosh, you need to be slapped, both I you I think. Both of you had better just be joking around Mr. Sexist attitude and such. And You that’s so a personal jibe, I am gonna clean my apartment on the weekend. So enough out of you, that all I have to say. I just might you do the rest of it.

  14. Hackboy

    Yea I’m just messing around…. hahah

  15. Cabrinie

    I like you, you end things. Somebody on the other hand likes to drag things out and make them seem much worse. Not to mention any names.

  16. Father

    Happy B-Day, now do some work!


  17. Hackboy

    LOL….. what a supportive father.

  18. ReCk

    Father isnt my father, just a guy i know from school.