If you are having trouble with someone calling every few hours or a few times a day from a number in the 1-179-336-XXXX range you can take action. Originally posted at Johnnie Moore’s Weblog.

Call 1-877-818-3774 this is the direct number for Digital Security (DSSI) India, which the 1-179-336-0280 number belongs to. Ask for the Telemarking Supervisor and have them remove your number from their list.

I just had to do this because they called and let the phone ring 43 times.

You can go one step farthur and contact ADT Customer Service line (800) 238-4459 and make a formal complaint againts this ADT Dealer out of India.

14 thoughts on “1-179-336-0280

  1. James

    Yes they are a pain in the ass. When I reported they told they never called my area……Fuckers

  2. James

    Fuckers…..called me and denied it.

  3. Rebecca

    Some of you people need to get a life, Im sure they call you various times during the day but, People are just doing there jobs, whats the harm in that. They are trying to provide safety and medical attention to people all over canada. 1-179-336-0280

  4. Jackie

    I saw this number on my phone when i got home from work tonight…thought nothing of it till they called me again later and let it ring about 40 times. I have nothing against telemarketers they are just doing a job but i do have a problem with them letting it ring 40 times….

  5. Tia

    I just called to get our number removed and the guy was pretty polite.. The people that were constantly phoning were driving me nuts!! So thank you for posting this!!

  6. shitface

    i dont give a shit what ur trying to do, i didnt give u my number dont call my fucking house, if i want to donate my well earned money or buy a vacum i will decide on my own, and HARASSING people is not a job, its a shit ass job for stupid people.

  7. Jason

    Okay really everyone try to watch the language.

  8. Db

    Or maybe The big telcos like Bell generate these spam calls through their own “agents” that force people to pay for Call Restrict or Call Screen options on their monthly phone bill. Someone should check this out.

  9. Jason (not Jason Tapp)

    They are not trying to provide anything. That number is a scam. It is based in India and is very well known for being a scam. They try to sell a different thing each time. Mainly long distance in Canada. They use VOIP so the areacode is not real. And anyone who sticks up for telemarketers needs to get a life, its not the actual person we get pissed off at, its ALL of them.

  10. Ian

    I just came home to the same crap. I called in and had my number removed. Pretty straight forward. Thank you very much!

  11. John Frink

    “People are just doing there jobs, whats the harm in that.”
    That’s like saying “It’s okay that he killed someone for money. He’s just doing his job.”

  12. shelly

    i called and asked to have my number removed… but they still call all the time. and each time i ask whoever calls to remove me too… but no one will!!

  13. Nola Boy

    These #$$%^& are so &%^&* annoying!!!
    They should all be $%&^% shot!!!!

  14. clarke

    Bell Canada sells lists of numbers to these people. You have to pay Bell to have an unlisted number, pay Bell to have call display so you can see who is calling and avoid it, pay Bell for call screen, pay Bell for any call blocking, pay pay pay pay.

    Not me, not anymore. I told Bell where to go, now I use VoIP and cable internet.